Grana Padano - All shapes and sizes!

23-April-2018 15:26
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Grana Padano DOP Wheel - aged over 18 months

The whole wheel of grana padano has been aged for over 18 months which gives it a unique taste and a very high quality. 
Can be served in delis, at the cheese counter or for cooking the famous Roman spaghetti dish, Cacio e Pepe. 
Approx. 30kg 


Grana Padano DOP Half Wheel - aged for over 12 months

This Half Form Grana Padano is a great smaller alternative to the full wheel. Extremely versatile, can be used in many italian dishes or served by itself with a full bodied red wine. 
Approx. 16kg


Grana Padano DOP Block - aged for over 12 months

One of our best sellers, this Grana Padano comes in a smaller block of approx. 2.5kg for more convenience for cooking. 


Grana Padano DOP Grated - 1kg

Ideal for serving next to a pasta dish or for cooking, this freshly grated Grana Padano is also a very popular product.