Passata & Puree

Passata & Puree
A rich and creamy pulp, generous in its sauce, unique in terms of body and intense taste. Ideal for ...
£15.30 per case
Passata & Puree
Supercirio Tomato Puree is a intensly rich and flavourful. Unlike most purees, this product can be u...
£16.00 per case
Passata & Puree
Divella passata 680g A fantastic tomato passata from Italian food giants Divella, in glass bottle.
£1.15 per unit
Passata & Puree
Used in a large variety of dishes, this is an essential in any restaurant's kitchen. 
£22.00 per case
Passata & Puree
Mutti is Italy's favourite brand of tinned and bottled tomatoes. They only use 100% Italian natural ...
£17.90 per case
Passata & Puree
Rega Passata 690g A fantastic tomato passata from Rega, in glass 690g bottle.
£0.95 per unit

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