Flour & Semola

    Flour & Semola
    From the experience of the mulino Caputo comes a product as authentic as our history, evoking all th...
    £28.95 per unit

    Sale - was £29.95

    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Tipo '0' Grani Italiani or 'Italian Grains' in English is a soft wheat flour and the result o...
    £25.95 per item

    Sale - was £14.95

    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Americana '00' in 15kg sack, high protein flour. Specifically designated for artisan Ame...
    £13.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo blue 00 Pizzeria is ideal for classic Neapolitan style Pizza in wood-fired, gas or elect...
    £21.50 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    New Caputo 15kg sacks.  Caputo Pizzeria Flour with strong, elastic gluten, ideal for doug...
    £12.95 per unit
    Home Delivery
    Caputo blue pizzeria flour '00'. Ideal for pizza making at home. 
    £1.60 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Blue Pizzeria Tipo '00' (5kg) for soft doughs, Flour with a balanced granulometry and ea...
    £6.45 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Flour with a balanced granulometric, easy hydration. For soft doughs that keep lightness and fl...
    £19.50 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Cuor di Cereali 1kg A mix of cereals and seeds to be mixed according to an ideal dosage of 1...
    £5.50 per unit
    Bread & Dough
    Caputo dry yeast 100g is ideal for making soft doughs with an incomparable taste. Easy to use, ...
    £2.25 per item
    Flour & Semola
    Serve pizza without restriction. This mix of Caputo gluten free flour is made up of rice, potat...
    £6.50 per unit
    Bread & Dough
    Caputo Lievito Madre 'Criscito' Non-active yeast. The dried yeast, also called Criscito, is a natura...
    £9.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Manitoba flour is known for its strenght. The quality of the gluten gives the dough elasticity, with...
    £14.95 per case
    Flour & Semola
    Manitoba flour is known for its strength. The quality of the gluten gives the dough elasticity, with...
    £2.10 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Manitoba 5kg
    £7.95 per item
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo 'Nuvola' perfect flour for making pizza dough which is light with large cavities. an acc...
    £1.90 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Nuvola '0' 5kg
    £7.95 per item
    Flour & Semola
    From the research and development of the Mulino Caputo comes Nuvola: an accurate selection of 100% n...
    £33.95 per unit


    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Pasta Fresca flour ideal for making fresh pasta or gnocchi.  Flour with high-quality st...
    £1.65 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo pasta fresca flour ideal for making fresh pasta or gnocchi.  Flour with high-quality st...
    £23.50 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo Pasticceria 1kg Ideal for making pastries, pies, biscuits and oven-baked cakes. The grains s...
    £1.75 per item
    Flour & Semola
    Flour for a strong elastic dough. Ideal for the classic Napolitan pizza.
    £13.95 per case
    Home Delivery
    Caputo Red flour. Can be used for pizza, bread and more.  Flour with strong elastic gluten, id...
    £1.75 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Caputo 00 Red is ideal for long rise dough. Certain pastry, specialty breads and pizzas.
    £21.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    New Caputo Cuoco tipo '00' in 5kg sacks. Flour with strong, elastic gluten, ideal for dough tha...
    £6.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Ideal for fresh pasta, wholewheat bread and more.
    £15.30 per case
    Home Delivery
    Obtained from strong wheat molitura, this fine semola was milled several times. Ideal for&...
    £1.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Chickpea flour by Le Farine Magiche.  Made from 100% Italian chickpeas, It is a product with a...
    £4.25 per pack


    Bread & Dough
    De Cecco Impanatura farina di mais tostato is a natural, gluten-free product, made from toasted corn...
    £1.25 per item
    Flour & Semola
    Manitoba is considered the strongest and the finest flour. Ideal for pastry which require long risin...
    £21.35 per unit
    Home Delivery
    Divella Polenta 500g pack  Precooked cornflour to make delicious Polenta in just a few minutes...
    £1.15 per pack
    Flour & Semola
    Pre-cooked flour to make delicious polenta in just two minutes. 
    £16.50 per case
    Flour & Semola
    Ideal for making fresh pasta products or bread. Additive free and entirely natural. 
    £14.80 per case
    Flour & Semola
    Soft wheat flour from grinding and sifting of non-germinated North American and Canadian soft grains...
    £23.49 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Lievito Madre 1kg Lievito Madre or mother yeast in English, is dry sourdough starter, origin o...
    £8.95 per pack
    Flour & Semola
    Fast-growing in popularity Petra 5037 is an ideal flour for long leavening Italian pizza dough.Type ...
    £14.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    The Gold version of flour is the newest product in the house of the Molino San Felice. It has the sa...
    £17.95 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Mugnai di Napoli San Felice Traditional Blue flour is a Certified Traditional Napolitan Pizza flour ...
    £16.75 per unit
    Flour & Semola
    Extra fine semolina from the napoletan brand San Felice. 5kg bag. 
    £6.60 per bag

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