Egeria Sparkling Water (20x50cl)

Product Description

The Egeria water source is fed by Castelli Romani water basin. In its path towards the source, the water flows through a subsoil of volcanic origin. In so doing, it's enriched with mineral salts and effervescence that make this water unique, while layers of clay and basalt protect it from adverse weather and external agents, preserving all of its characteristics intact. 

Classified as "medium mineral water", it presents an ideal balance of mineral salts essential to maintaining a healthy body: calcium for bones and muscular activity, magnesium to fight fatigue, irritability and loss of tone, potassium for muscle cells and nervous system, and fluorine for tooth enamel. 

Sparkling water in glass bottle.

Egeria Sparkling Water (20x50cl)

£9.50 per case (excl VAT)

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