Pane Altamura (1kg)

Product Description

The Bread of Altamura D.o.p. it is linked to the rural tradition of the typical production area and that is Altamura. After years, the Bread of Altamura bears the trademark “DOP”. The “Bread of Altamura” has been recognized as a healthy and balanced food with unique nutritional characteristics, as it derives from the selection of excellent durum wheat, obtained in an environment with specific geo-climatic factors, from which the territory of the northern Murgia is characterized and the use of drinking water normally used in the area and the use of only mother yeast.

Altamura bread is a bakery product made from duroo wheat semolina, obtained from the grinding of durum wheat of the “Appulo”, “Arcangelo”, “Duilio”, and “Simeto”. The Bread of Altamura, with its characteristic fragrance, of never less than 0.5 kg in weight, it was the first product in Europe to bear the DOP mark in the “Bakery and bakery products” product category.

Pane Altamura (1kg)

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